Flexible in its approach, accessible in its structure, agency professionals can easily navigate and manage email marketing for multiple clients, brands, outlets or divisions at different levels. With an organisational framework as this, it is simple for teams to execute stunning creative, segment by group levels and manage data and campaigns globally or individually.


Rich in features, the MailXpertise Agency Platform allows you to develop a cohesive strategy and goals driven performance marketing plan.

Create, send and analyse Email/SMS campaigns with the most advanced SaaS solution, specialising in acquisition, monetisation and lead generation.

Added to this, powerful segmentation and dynamic personalisation tools are all features available to easily allow you to fully breakdown your data to the finest criteria and run multiple campaigns whether be mass personalisation, A/B or A/X testing.

Its flexible solution will meet your email marketing needs scalable to allow growth in audience and revenue.

We help you to build a unique strategy.

Custom made group infrastructure
We build solutions based on your needs, with the ability to pull multiple accounts and a network of resources into one seamless platform.

Automate processes
Integrate with your CRM/PRM and completely automate and facilitate data and reporting.

Powerful segmentation
Merge, include, exclude segments.

Behavioural targeting
Retarget based on real interests.

Mass personalisation, A/X and A/B Testing
Optimise campaigns by testing at the push of a button.

Drag & Drop template builder plus HTML tools
Build templates easily in minutes.

Active deliverability
Detect problems before they happen

Marketing automations
Put your campaigns on autopilot.

Lead optimization
Optimise your lead-gen in real-time.

Data cleaning
Clean your lists from spamTraps, Hard-bounces, etc.

Powerful reporting
Benchmark your performance by analysing powerful, built-in reporting and become an expert at managing your data.

a dedicated platform for
agency marketing professionals