Email marketing for professionals


MailXpertise provides the perfect email marketing solution for professional emailers : business expertise, customer care by deliverability gurus and state of the art campaign management tools to match

You'll never be on your own with your campaigns again, our business and tech experts are always here for you. They will help you conduct your campaigns more efficiently and grow your business.

State of the Art Campaign
Management tools and more

MailXpertise Campaign Manager is our state of the art tool designed to save you a lot of time in your day-to-day work. It is super easy to use and lets you handle even the most complex tasks in a few clicks.

Build advanced campaigns easily

MailXpertise Campaign Builder : choose between our gorgeous responsive templates or import your own designs. You can use our visual editor and preview your messages instantly or go straight to the HTML code

Multichannel Campaigns : you are multichannel ready! When you create your campaign, you can mix emails, SMS and social network messages.

Campaign life cycle : define automatic action for your campaigns. For example "when an email is opened, add the user to a segment and send another related campaign a week later". The life cycle editor lets tou create conditions and actions visually through simple flowcharts.


Test before you send

Spam testing : each campaign is evaluated to let you know if it will get through well known spam filters (Vade retro, Spam Assassin, ...) so you can tweak your messages to increase your deliverability.

A/B testing : increase conversion by testing several versions of your campaign to determine which one has the best open and click rates


Send efficiently

Automatic SMTP region selector : within a campaign, each email will be sent through the closest SMTP server to the recipient so it will increase yout deliverability rate. We have SMTP servers all over the world and more coming.

Easy domain management : manage your domains by yourself in a few clicks. No need to contact the customer support and pay set-up fees every time you need to add a new domain.

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Keep track of your campaigns

MailXpertise Analytics : Everything you need to know in real-time

Classic campaign analytics : opening, clicks, complaints, hard & soft bounces, ...

Visual click tracking : see the click rate of all your links at a glance

Advanced analytics : which devices and email clients are used, figures by ISP, location...

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Profiles & customer accounts

Keep things organized

Profile Management : if you are working with several account managers in your agency, you may want to let them have their own MailXpertise account. It is really easy to do through our web interface, you can manage as many user profiles as you want.

Customer account : when you deal with many customers, you can create customer accouts to keep your campaigns organized. You can also easily provide access to campaign analytics to your customers.

These features are only available with MailXpertise Agency

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Connect your existing platforms to our powerful solution : All these features can be accessed through a comprehensive set of APIs. Manage your email databases, trigger your campaigns from your home made tool or fetch usage data, all with the same efficiency and simplicity.

Talk to our deliverability experts

We know that besides our great Campaign Manager, you will need a real human expertise always available to help you whenever you need. That's why we created the Deliverability Squad!

Profiles & customer accounts

Did you ever get frustrated by not getting the right answer from your customer service? : If you have conducted a lot of campaigns, you probably know how frustrating it is to encounter an issue you don't understand and not get a satisfying solution from your email solution provider. For example: why are your emails blocked only by Gmail?? Why are they marked as spam even though you did everything right?...

We don't want you to be frustrated : That's why so we created the Deliverability Squad: our customer support is provided by deliverability experts so you will always get the right answer whenever you need it, even to your most technical questions.

Your own dedicated deliverability expert : It gets better! All our customers get their own dedicated deliverability guru from the Deliverability Squad, so he will know your customer history to provide even better support. He will also track all your campaigns and alert you immediately if he detects something wrong.

1. Analyse

We listen, understand your business, analyse your needs and objectives.

2. Plan

We plan a tailored development strategy that perfectly fits your needs to progressively ramp email volumes up, build a good IP and domain reputation and prepare your future growth.

3. Deploy

We set up an infrastructure taylored to your specific needs, based on your data, campaigns, targets and numerous factors. Each set up is unique to each client's needs.

4. Support

You benefit from full support, advice and guidance from our deliverability squad at any time during the process to help you meet and beat your targets.

3 Plans. For every need

We have 3 great solutions to match all email marketing professionals needs. And in all three, our business experts and our super-efficient Deliverability Squad will provide the awesome service you deserve.
  • MailXpertise Analytics
  • Support by Deliverability Squad
  • MailXpertise Campaign Manager
For email marketing professionals
  • MailXpertise Analytics
  • Support by Deliverability Squad
  • MailXpertise Campaign Manager
  • Multiple customer accounts
  • Team profiles
For email marketing agencies who deal with many customers
  • MailXpertise Analytics
  • Support by Deliverability Squad
  • Direct access to SMTP servers
For companies who need a fast and reliable email routing solution

A few words from our team

At MailXpertise, we have more than 10 years of business and tech experience in the email marketing business. We know how hard it is to conduct efficient campaigns with high deliverability rates and we perfectly understand the business challenges.

We believe that even the best tech solution cannot be good enough for email professionals if it doesn't come with a great human expertise. And that's exactly what we do: our solutions combine a state of the art bespoke technology with a first-class customer care delivered by business experts and deliverability gurus, because they are the most qualified to help you! No more frustrating answers from a clumsy customer support, you will get the right answer to all your questions, even the most tricky ones.

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